Lake Fishabil nestles nicely in the beautiful Brittany countryside in the North west of France. It is serviced by many ports, the closet of which is St Malo at only 38 miles away, closely followed by Caen and then Le Havre. Airports at Rennes and Dinard are also within 45mins of the Fishery.
We take pride in our amazing stock of Catfish all across the size ranges up to the 210lb mark as stocked back in 90,s yet never banked. In my tenure we have seen them landed up to 176lb on rod and line with too many to count over the 100lb mark.
However at 86 acres this is not a duck shoot !! You will have to work for the big girls doing battle with several siblings along the way.
Couple all this with Excellent facilities , fantastic food options and a warm ,friendly welcome. This historic venue really is a certainty on the list of must visit venues.



Exclusive Angling Holidays is a three lake complex in the North Dordogne region of France.

With our two amazing Catfish dedicated waters and one fantastic Carp lake you are sure to find your perfect fishing holiday.

We offer you several different ways to establish your dream fishing holiday from Drive & Survive or Fly & Survive to Holiday with accommodation close by. Bring your own gear or hire from us, feed yourselves or let us cater for you. Bring your own bait or buy what we recommend, the choices are up to you and its our passion to make your holiday the best you’ll ever have!! Hundreds of others have done it, and they keep coming back year after year, so why no be one of them.

Lake Rouge (4.5 acres) is our relatively new Catfish only lake (since 2016) holding roughly the same amount of cats as Lake Bleu including several 100lbs+, the biggest was 116lb when stocked so must have got bigger in the past 2 years!! There are also plenty of upper 70’s, 80’s and 90 pounders. It also holds 4 breathtaking Albinos which will be weighing 30lbs+ each this season.

Lake Bleu (4.5 acres) is our well established Catfish predator lake. The average weight of the Cats is 78lbs+ and the current lake record is 121lbs & 5oz (May 2014). Weekly catches of over 2300lbs are not uncommon.

Vert is our smashing 1.5 acre Carp lake of the complex. Fish stocking here is well balanced. There are 5 over forty pounders and thirty over 30lbs, with lots being upper 30’s. There are also several smaller carp in there too which were so beautiful we couldn’t resist in adding them including several fully scaled and a couple of coy. Vert’s lake record (June 2017) is a beautiful 50lbs common