Trokar TK 405B Octopus Barbless Hooks


Long Shank, Off Set, Forged Up Eye

Surgically Sharpened

The three sided point penetrates twice as fast as other point shapes.

Precisely ground for consistent performance.

High Carbon Steel

Featuring an increased carbon content along with reduced impuritites adds higher textile strentgh.
Under goes a unique heat-treatment process that imparts just the right amount of flex to resist breaking.

Tempering Process

Which is specically tailored to manipulate the molecular structure of the wire to bring out the maximum strentgh potential of the ultra high carbon steel.

Created by Eagle Claw Lazer Trokar creators of the worlds only surgically sharpened hooks.

Made in the U.S.A.

Available in sizes

1/0 pack of 8

3/0 pack of 7

5/0 pack of 5