T.T.D. Live Bait Rig Deluxe


A brand-new variation of the very popular poly ball rig, this new version has been designed and hand built by team member Dan Winston. The rig consists of a 50mm popper ball and incorporates a breakaway clip inserted into the top of the popper ball, in the event the catfish swims through a snag and tethers the popper ball the clip will break freeing the popper ball leaving you in direct contact with the catfish.
The rig is made using high quality components which include a 50mm popper ball as standard which is interchangeable, if a different size popper ball is required i.e. 35mm 40mm or larger these can be purchased separately through CMT. A chemical snap night light, monofilament, silicon tubing and Eagle Wave or Trokar hook with an option of barbed or barbless.
The new TTD live bait rig deluxe is available in 2 different variants, 100lb and 150lb monofilament both types have been double crimped for added strength.
The main and biggest advantage of these rigs is the ability to know exactly what depth your live bait is presented at, once your rig has been placed into your chosen position (via bait boat / winch rod, this rig could be cast but this is not recommended as could damage your live bait) simple let the line out until the popper ball becomes visible on the surface, your bait will now be 12” below the surface. This allows you to fish the upper levels of the water. You can also fish the bottom section of the water by winding down the popper ball until you come into contact with the lead your live bait will now be 18” from the lake bed. The rig can also be fished anywhere in between the surface and bottom, this is achieved by adjusting the line.
The above measurements are for the TTD 100lb live bait deluxe rig, the 150lb version will be 14” from the surface 20” from the bottom. This has purposely been designed to allow for greater movement of larger live baits being used.
It’s advised to use the 4oz / 6oz CMT live bait lead weight as this is the best style for this rig, and will keep it firmly in position, which will allow for easy adjustment of the rig to the desired depth.
The TTD live bait rig deluxe is a skilfully designed anti tangle rig allowing you to know exactly what depth your bait is positioned at. This is an absolute must have live bait rig, in testing this rig has accounted for multiple 100lb + catfish being successfully landed.