Suspended Leach & Worm Rig (SS Rig)

This rig is designed to present worms & leeches, on, or below the water surface, as well above underlying weed and snags.

It’s fished in such a way that the rig pushes the bait away from the mainline, and so stops catfish from easily getting spooked.

The rig is very effective with leeches, as the leeches swimming like manner causes the top section of the thinner tubing to bounce in such away, it incorporates even more movement into the bait.

This rig must be fished on a free running lead set up, and under slight tension.

If fished on the surface, fine adjustments can be made giving various degrees of angles to surface fished baits, and as a result pushes the bait even further away from the mainline

Comes complete with free storage tube

Available in White, Green, Yellow, Black & Pink body options

Made in the UK