R.T. Braided Cat Leader

CatMaster R.T (Really Tough) Braided Hooklink.

Really Tough by name and really tough by nature! Three new braided hooklink braids by CatMaster Tackle.

Available in 100lb, 200lb and a mighty 300lb breaking strains, these light green, virtually round profile hook lengths are beautifully soft and supple across the range yet retain fantastic abrasion resistance.

During intensive field testing, several big catfish over 100lb pounds including a huge French river cat of 208lb have been landed.

The 100lb (.50mm) is supplied on 20m spools

The 200lb (.75mm) on 15m spools and the 300lb (1mm) on 10m spools.

All priced at the RRP of £9.95.

Consultant Matthew Alexander has been testing this braid last year

I’ve been testing the new RT braided hook link since last spring (2018) . The 300lb version is ideal for tying live bait rigs with multiple hooks , giving the live bait the freedom to move in a naturalist way but stiff enough to not tangle.
The braid stands up very well to the teeth of catfish , numerous large fish where caught on the same rig with very little fraying and the thick diameter means that little strength is lost when the fraying does occur.

I have also been using the RT braided hook link in 200lb as a rubbing leader in rocky and weedy conditions, an 8 m length tied to the cat braid main line and then tied to the hook link gives you extra protection in a vulnerable area.

The 200lb version of the braid is also very good to tie combo rigs with, the finer diameter of the 200 allows its to be pasted through the eye of a 3/0 hook plus the heavy mono making a very secure junction point

A product that is ideal for big European rivers and the Amazon catfish.