Dyson Catfish Rig


The Dyson Rig, new to the catfish scene but not a new rig or concept. Used primarily by Eel anglers. The Dyson has been used and tested extensively and with great succession by my fellow team colleagues Jackie & Jay Proud. These guys first introduced this versatile rig to myself. Now adapted for the catfish scene, this virtually resistance free rig allows us to present the bait exactly where you want it, just off bottom away from detritus n debris and in great interceptive position. Can be fished at all different depths though with just basic adjustments. One of the best key factors, one of my favoured is the use of a weak bottom (weak link) to the lead, this can break in fight leaving no resistance in direct contact to fish, thus no lead leverage loosening hook-hold and resulting in loss of fish, also if fish or rig gets snagged there will be no lead dragging about on it, I personally would recommend 6-8lb mono for the weak bottom/link. Making it an extremely safe rig one of the safest. There are other variations been released etc but on close inspection without the key safety point of weak bottom and lead dropping.
Casting the Rig doesn’t take long to master and safely fished to medium range, gentle lob style cast for it to lay out perfectly, then simply tighten slack delicately to be in full contact to rig with minimum pressure applied.
One prime rule I would stress is to use mono hook links only, braided just not recommended doesn’t present or fish correctly.
In Conjunction with this rig another new product to the cat scene, new to us but not a new product has been around for some time the Catmaster Roll-over indicator, giving a fantastic resistance free indication complementing this top rig. A great set up for your armoury. Using baits like worms, leeches and small fish in all variants, choices endless.
A safe delicate low resistance rig when finesse and out witting weary fish is necessary. Confidence is key in all aspects of fishing eventualities. This rig ticks the boxes giving confidence your fishing where you want, low resistance and as safely as possible. This rig shows you its fishing correctly when indication is set. A great new string to my catfish fishing bow!
Try it.