Meet Ron Griffiths - CatMaster Tackle Owner

How it all started

I started fishing when I was 5. Like most, I was taken by my Grandad on the River Severn at Bridgnorth as he was the bailiff. I used to be taken on a regular basis fishing for Gudgeon, Daddy Ruff, small Perch and Roach.

As I got older I would be found on the canal banks and local pools after the larger fish called carp. There started a passion for carp fishing various pools & lakes when I stumbled across a pool called Withy Pool in Dawley Telford where there where some 30lb plus carp and this strangely named species called Catfish. Very little information was available back in the eighties. I tried all the “going” baits back then, blanked for three months and you couldn’t night fish. Using all the recommended baits I finally caught my first catfish a kitten of 2lb but on of all things a home made popped up tutti-fruity Boilie. But that was the start of my fishing for these mighty creatures.

Then in the early nineties I stumbled across an advert in one of the angling weeklies for this group called The Catfish Conservation Group; well as the old saying goes the rest is history. My form was filled in and sent off and I was a member. I went to the AGM that year and they were asking for volunteers to join the committee, hand raised, name given and I thought that’s the end of that only to get a call from Simon Clarke asking me to come to a committee meeting at none other than Kevin Maddocks home. At that time, Kevin, was a hero of most anglers then including me. I couldn’t get over the reception I received, like I was his long lost brother.

I joined the committee looking after exhibitions, shows all around the country. During this time there seemed to be shows almost every weekend all over the country compared with now. I even had the privilege of being part of the team that started Adams Pool.

In 2010 my wife & I were offered the opportunity to purchase CatMaster Tackle. After a period of 6 months we had tackle shops asking us to supply them with CatMaster Tackle products which is where we are now but with a fantastic team of Catfish anglers from many different walks of life all with a passion, that passion is catfish, with different methods, techniques as well as different species of catfish from all around the world.

Now in 2021 we see CatMaster Tackle growing from strength to strength. We are very proud of our home grown and produced reputation and will continue to hand craft our tackle where we can in the UK.

A message from Ron

To all of our loyal customers,

I would personally like to thank each and every customer that has invested their hard earned cash into purchasing our tackle and we hope it brings you much success. As we continue to expand, we hope you find more and more tackle outlets and fisheries stocking up on our range.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to ask anything about the tackle we sell or any of the setups We are here to help and enable you to get the most from cat-fishing around the globe.

Tight Lines


Not forgetting - Kath Griffiths

Kath deserves a special mention. She works tirelessly behind the scenes and is the backbone behind CatMaster Tackle. CatMaster Tackle wouldn’t be the same without her.