CatMaster Tackle was established in 1991, CatMaster Tackle Manufacture and supply high quality items of tackle specifically for fishing for catfish whether you are fishing here in the UK or further afield such as Europe or the rest of the world. CatMaster Tackle products are available in tackle shops & fisheries around the UK & the rest of the world. If you are looking for Professional Catfishing Tackle then look no further.

This isn’t a business but a passion created by anglers but directed by a successful business man with a life long passion for cat fishing working closely with a team of specimen anglers from around the world.

The team at CatMaster Tackle are here to help answer your questions, we are all available on Facebook and will openly accept friendship requests. Our aim as a group of cat fishing anglers working with technology to give youthe ability via social media like Facebook the opportunity to ask us questions and we use the following pages to enable questions to be asked of any one of us.